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Why chose a General Contractor Warranty vs a Home Warranty Service Provider? 


Our GC Warranty is a direct and personal "contractor to homeowner" warranty by a Registered & Insured General Contractor. The average home warranty company would need to hire a registered & insured contractor like us to fulfill your service requirements if and when the time comes. In a sense, we've cut out the "middle man". which saves you time & money.


Inhouse Professional Service:

We have our very own inhouse qualified skilled tradesmen that covers all aspects of residential repairs & replacements, construction, upgrades and code requirements to tackle any problem that may arise. We will not sub our work to other contractors, we do everything ourselves. Roofing, flooring, electrical, pluming, etc., we do it all! 


We're Not a Warranty Service Company

We are a fully insured General Contractor offering homeowners a direct Contractors Warranty specifically from us, the same warranties as we do with our existing project customers upon job completions. We provide easy plans with unique pricing. We do not deny protection based on the age of your home.

We Can Cover Everything From Your Foundation To Your Roof!


Our GC Warranty is backed by up to $10 Million of General Liability & Workers Comp. Insurance for your protection and peace of mind.


Interior Coverage:

Ex. Flooring, walls, framing, plumbing, electrical, appliances, water heater, HVAC and more.



Ex. Roof, brick/siding, windows, soffit & fascia, fencing, patio/pergola/deck, concrete, irrigation, foundation, garage and more.

Contractor Services: 

Property development, home remodeling (interior/exterior), upgrades, roofing, fencing, painting, flooring, framing, concrete, demolition, turnkey, etc. 

Plans & Benefits

GC Plans range from: $49-$189 Monthly | $539-$2,219 Annually 

  • Smartest Coverage Choices: Roof | HVAC | Appliances

  • 100% value at the end of your term with 0 claims

  • 0 Deductible 

  • Minimal Utility/Inspection fee per request: Avg.: $47.00 

Is a GC Warranty Worth It?


Yes if the warranty is provided directly from the General Contractor.

A GC Warranty makes sense for many homeowners. Not only do we protect you in the event of an unexpected situation, a GC Warranty saves you hundreds of dollars on repair and replacement costs to provide peace of mind.


A GC Warranty may be worth the cost to homeowners on a budget, first-time homeowners, owners of older homes, home sellers, real estate agents, or rental property owners.

What happens to my premium if I don't file a claim by the end of my term?

If you have no claims at the end of your term, don't worry, you wont lose your premium value! We will credit your total term value towards any desired project or upgrade to increase the value of your home.


Does the GC Warranty work for all homeowners?

Some homeowners may not benefit from a GC Warranty if you’re a homeowner with a newly built home that’s already covered by a builder’s warranty or if you have appliances and systems that are protected under a manufacturer’s warranty.


One way to think about whether or not a GC Warranty is worth the cost is to look at how much you can save.